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Stylish ways to bring clocks into your home

In our old house my Dad would joke about our clocks, none of them worked, all had the wrong time and only visitors ever noticed them, and often got thrown by them. So when we moved house I decided to invest in some new clocks and you know what, it is amazing how calming a clock can be!

No more asking Mr A what time it is, rummaging for my phone or pulling up my sleeve to glance at my watch. A quick glance and all is well.

Clocks are such an important part of life, but they don’t need to blend into the background. There is something about a clock that commands our attention, so it’s worth thinking about how to style and place them to your advantage.

I love large styles like this, great for somewhere prominent or with high traffic. Ours is in the kitchen diner, visible from both the kitchen and the table so everyone can keep check of the time over breakfast without having to leap up. It makes mornings feel calmer.

I think for your kitchen the best clocks have a clean and clear design, but they don’t have to be boring, or takeover the whole wall. I love how this yellow rimmed clock becomes part of the wall of pictures and ornaments. Mixing clocks alongside pictures can form a striking picture wall – excuse the pun! Sometimes the most simple clock brings your eye to a wall more than something ornate or fussy.

Clock faces can be tricky to read, which to me defeats the object of having a clock. When you have kids who are still mastering telling the time, or family members who prefer things spelled out numerically, then you can’t beat something like this idea below, what a gorgeous design. I love the warm wood and the modern lettering. I bet kids will be fascinated with watching the numbers change too, I think I would find it quite a mindful approach to telling the time!

In the living room I think it’s stylish to go for something a little more cosy and vintage, wood works well and I love these clocks that are a modern twist on the kind of clock my grandparents had. The example below blends in so well with ornaments on a sideboard, or could snuggle on a mantlepiece, still leaving lots of room to make a wider statement with your decorations and ornaments.

Different materials can inject totally different looks into a room and clocks are increasingly found in interesting textures. This warming copper is perfect in a kitchen, but would also look classy next to some houseplants in a living room or amongst perfume bottles and flowers on a dressing table in a bedroom. A charcoal slate clock could also work well in a kitchen.

Where do you have clocks and what style clocks appeal to you?

Images found at Purely Wall Clocks  


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