5 Subtle Ways To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Home

When you look around your house, how do you feel? Does the colour make you feel bored? Cold? Detached? Every (wo)man’s home should feel like her/his castle, but if the castle is bland when it comes to décor and colouring, it’ll feel more like a dank and empty dungeon. Definitely not the look you’d be going for, right?

If it feels like castles are stuck inside the pages of your favourite fairy tale or are reserved for the latest celebrity reality TV program, have a look at today’s ideas.  Luxury is not just reserved for the rich and famous or princes and princesses.

Developing the design of your home means stamping your personality on it, which can be as luxurious as you’d like. You don’t have to overly splash the cash to get that touch of luxury into the home that you desperately want.

You can have a home that is understated and yet dripping in extravagance. So, if you don’t want to go completely over the top with your home, check out our tips for a subtle look below.

Focal Points

One of the best ways that you can add some luxury to your home is to give each room a focal point for guests – and you – to notice. You want to have something that your eyes draw to the moment that you walk into the room.

You can do this either by highlighting the detail in each room, such as moldings or carved wood décor, or you could spruce up a new fireplace with and have a point of total calm and ambience.

It’s all about creating that talking point to make each room interesting. If you don’t have something already there that you can work with, you can add in a focal point of whatever you would like. Giant overhanging lamps can really accentuate the seating area of a room, or if you’ve got the right hand, carve your own coffee table as a talking point.


A room needs to feel warm and the right colour palette can make a world of difference, no matter which room you are working with. Your rooms should each feel inviting because you’d want someone to feel welcome and be comfortable in your home. Carefully chosen paint colours can help to create that welcome atmosphere.

Comfortable Seating

When you think about luxury, you likely aren’t thinking about a wooden bench without any type of cushion. The very word luxury conjures up the images of sinking back into fat, plush pillows and that’s exactly what to think about when organising your seating in your home. You want lots of layers, chunky cushions and throw pillows and blankets. Comfort is key and if you’re aiming for a modern look, choose light colours and clean lines.

Antique Charm

Antiques and dark, cherry wood add an element of grandeur to a room. You don’t have to cover the entire house wall to wall with wood, but you could choose one or two key pieces like bookcases and carved dining tables that can add a lot of beauty to a room that may have been plain before. It’s not always easy to choose quality antiques so give yourself time to find the right ones.


When you think of the accents to each room to be the finishing touches, think of metallics. Light shades and door handles and even statement pieces of furniture can be beautiful additions to your home if they are in metallic. No luxury home would be complete without a few pieces; grand gold, sumptuous silver and brilliant bronze pieces can really fit with your own personal style and when you add it to your house, you’ve got a gorgeous space to work with.

No one wants to live in a home that feels less than comfortable and luxurious, but a lot of people don’t realise that they don’t need to have a budget with six zeros to achieve that high-end oasis look. All you really need to decorate your palace is a few simple touches to get your home exactly where you would want it to be.

Get ready to walk in and feel proud of the look that you’ve achieved!

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