Great Ideas For Your Next Barbecue

If you are planning  to host a barbecue for you family and friends this summer, why not try something new and exciting? There are lots of ways to vamp up your classic barbecue to make it fun, unique and stress free for you too. Here are some of the fun ideas you can use for your barbecue this year.
1. Potluck

If you want to cut the cost of your next family party this summer, you can make things a little more fun by asking everyone to bring one dish they love to the party. This allows everyone to contribute with their own personal favourites, as well as make things much less stressful for you on the day. You can simply set the table, provide the drinks and everyone can enjoy the sunny weather together.
2. Go classic
There is nothing more satisfying than buying BBQs & Outdoor Ovens for the garden and being able to cook food on a fresh fire. You can make the most of his simple method of cooking by grilling marinated meats, stone baked pizza and even grilled fruit for after. You can even spend the day teaching your kids how to handle a fire and how to cook basic meals! It is always fun to stay simple, because simple is often everyone’s favourite food.
3. Make cocktails
If you fancy adding some fun into your barbecue this summer, why not spend some time making cocktails with your family? You can buy a cocktail mixing set cheap online and have fun creating different concoctions with your friends and family. Of course, some people might be a little heavy handed when it comes to the alcohol so be aware that they don’t go too crazy!
4. Have a pool party
If you are having a heatwave in your local area, then the last thing you want to do is spend the entire day crouched over a fire. To make things more comfortable for everyone, why not break out a big family paddling pool and make it into a pool party! You’ll all be able to stay cool and in the meantime cook up a storm in the garden.
5. Break out the games
If you want to make a fun day of it in your garden, you can bring out some games to play as a family in the sun. There are plenty of different games and activities you can do in the garden in the summer, and they will keep the masses entertained while you cook food.

You could break out a frisbee, badminton set, twister or even some card games for the less spritely amongst you. It will be a fun way to bond as a family and will be a great chance to make some memories with the people you love the most. Have fun, run around and eat some amazing grub at the end of it all!

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