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3 Areas To Invest In Before Your First AirBnB Let

3 Areas To Invest In Before Your First AirBnB Let

When you let part of or all of a property on AirBnB, you’re in for an interesting time. Letting parts of our property on AirBnB has been financially rewarding and allowed us to meet some wonderful new people. Sharing our little corner of the Peak District has brought a lot of joy and making people’s holidays is a gift I love.

It can also be challenging and exhausting. Things break and go wrong, there were so many decisions to make as we restored the barn and the caravan. Nevertheless, AirBnB hosts opening their homes or guest cottages to visitors is incredibly common nowadays, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the AirBnB experience.

It’s worth remembering that listing a property on AirBnB is akin to opening a small business, and to generate the profit you are hoping for, you have to focus on the economics involved. Its easy to over or underspend. While you want to ensure you have a pleasant space that is going to attract plenty of guests, it’s very tempting to choose cheap and cheerful fixtures, fittings, and furniture. We’ve not experienced it at all in the countryside, but the shows some guests are unruly and some AirBnB listings can suffer substantial damage. People’s first thought is to avoid high-cost items just in case.

Sometimes this is the case, but not always. I’ve found guests respond amazingly well to homely places and extra special touches about the Airbnb. If you create a homely space, people will respect it more. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to feel like a home, not an impersonal holiday let or hotel.

Also when it comes to DIY, there are four areas of your AirBnB rental space that it makes sense to invest a little more in:

1 – Security

Security is a key consideration for your AirBnB listing. First and foremost, you want to ensure that your guests feel secure during their stay, so external surveillance equipment and a reliable lock system for both doors and windows are an investment that brings peace of mind to you and your guests.

Secondly, for lettings where you live off-site, security measures can be your eyes and ears. For example, security systems that alert you when the fire alarm goes off is a great way to protect your investment, while gate or front door cameras can quickly alert you to the possibility of guests arriving for a strictly-forbidden party.

2 – Taps, plug holes, and shower heads

Taps, plug holes, and shower heads are incredibly liable to damage or simple wear and tear due to their close proximity to water. While it seem prudent to pay a low price for basic taps and plug holes, they will inevitably degrade rapidly, which costs you time and money to replace. Shops like and other home improvement stores offer high-quality items that can withstand the rigours of life in an AirBnB let, which should help to save you money in the long run.

3  Kitchen countertops

Whether you are letting a separate dwelling or just allowing guests access to your own kitchen, cheap kitchen countertops are a false economy every single time. Cheap countertops scratch easily and while you can repair them to an extent, they will always be liable to more scratches and damage. It’s far better to invest in a durable, reliable countertop that is able to withstand high levels of usage, and should thus last for longer.

4 Flooring

From personal experience, flooring takes an awful lot of wear, so invest wisely and go for something easy to clean and with a long life too. Look for wood flooring that can be sanded down again in time or hard wearing, high quality vinyl flooring – you can even get designs that look like planks of wood now. Rugs are good for warmth and cheaper to replace than carpet. Carpet tiles are hardwearing and if you buy spares, small areas can be replaced cheaply.

The above areas are well worth investing in when you’re letting a property on AirBnB, and should help your let appeal to prospective guests and generate a good profit for you. Here’s the link if you are curious about becoming an Airbnb host, I really recommend it and a lovely post about exploring the world by Airbnb to whet your appetite. Good luck!

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