7 Actions For a Luxurious, Modern Home

7 Actions For a Luxurious, Modern Home

When it comes to decorating your home, are you stuck in the past, (like me) or looking to the future, with all the luxury and comfort that modern homes provide? I’ve surprised myself recently, our new home, a country cottage, is older than anything I have lived in before, but it’s extension feels very modern and for the first time I’ve been more drawn to some more modern pieces of furniture. 

Here are some ways to gently dip your toe into modernism, you never know where it might take you!

Nail the Entranceway

The entrance to the home sets the tone for the rest of the house, so this is one space that you want to get just right. Try to make sure that the entranceway isn’t overly cluttered; when it comes to this part of the property, a sparse approach is the future! You can also add a touch of grandeur, perhaps in the form of a chandelier, to really set the tone. Ensure that the area is well-lit, and functional, with storage spaces for shoes, coats, umbrellas, and so on.

Infused Tech

A home won’t be truly modern without all the tech that makes modern life so simple. While you’ll want to have things like a large television, sound system, and a few “Internet Things” features present on your property, in order to keep things luxurious, you’ll want to keep them concealed. There’s such a thing as having a home that’s too overloaded with technology. And even if you do have a few tech features installed around your home, try to keep them out of sight; nothing will undo the luxury feel more quickly than a bunch of wires lying around the place!

Focus On The Bathroom, Bedroom, and Kitchen

Not every room in your house will have a luxury look. A pantry is just going to be functional, after all! Instead, focus on the most important rooms in the house; the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. In the bathroom, pick modern decor, and add a luxurious walk-in shower, with a clear glass panel screen like those available from Drench. In the bedroom, the focus should be on comfort and design; go big, with an extra comfortable stand-alone bed, tall windows, and fine materials. In the kitchen, it’s about creating a space that’s functional and comfortable; one that’s a joy to cook in, but also a relaxing space to socialise, too.

Go Minimal

Luxury and modern homes tend to be kept orderly, and this can’t happen if there’s clutter filling up the space everywhere. If you’re going to adopt the luxury feel, then you’ll also be adopting the minimalist look. This is all about keeping spaces nice and organised, with little material items on display. The items that you do have will be “statement” pieces, pieces that catch the eye, and which add to the overall look and feel of the room. Minimalism isn’t just luxurious, either: it’s also conducive to a calm mind.

Add A Touch Of Art

As well as your statement pieces – which are things like statues on the table, and so on – you’ll also want to add a few pieces of art, and place them carefully around the home. There is a skill to buying art for the home, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before you buy one. These pieces are going to be what attracts people’s attention when they enter your home; they’ll be the focal point of the room. For a luxurious, modern home, the piece of art you buy should obviously be in the contemporary style.

Big on Comfort

Luxury exists in the details, but it also lies in comfort, too. As such, while your initial focus might be on making sure that your home looks luxurious, you don’t want to neglect the comfort aspects of your home. After all, a home is designed to be lived in, not just to be looked at! In your living room, select an extra comfortable sofa, and make sure you’re filling it up with pillows and throws, especially during the autumn and winter months. Keep them clean, washing the covers – both on the couch and your bed – and you’ll always feel like you’re living in hotel quality comfort.

Open Outdoors

Don’t forget: nature is naturally luxurious! If you have a garden, then do your best to incorporate it’s simple pleasures into your home as much as possible. A good way to do this is to have patio doors installed at the back; on those warm spring and summer days, you’ll be able to open them up wide and let the outdoors in.

Have you embraced modern luxury?

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    Great tips! Thank you for sharing this, will definitely try your pieces of advice in my home. 🙂

    April 22, 2019 at 10:45 am
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    Great tips! Just to add, checking your home’s electrical system to ensure that your house will be danger-free. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, very useful and informative!

    May 2, 2019 at 4:48 am
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