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Create The Perfect Chillout Room For Your Teens

Create The Perfect Chillout Room For Your Teens

In just a few years our little angels can turn to stroppy teenagers. Although we love them just the same, there are some parenting challenges to overcome during these years. Any parent of teens will tell you that life isn’t always easy, however there are things we can do to make their lives (and ours!) that bit more pleasant. One idea is to create a teenage chillout area in the home, a place where they can relax, do homework, spend time with friends and generally enjoy the angsty years. If they only have a small bedroom then having space to do all of this is tricky, but you do have options.

Decide on the Location

If you don’t have a spare bedroom in the home, there are some other things you could consider. How about extending into the loft, or speaking to a basement company to extend downwards? Having this extra space will add some good value onto your home, so you will reap the rewards if you sell later on. A conservatory or orangery are other options, here you essentially get another living space that can be enjoyed by your teen. Another option is to have a garden room built. These are freestanding so aren’t like a conservatory or orangery, they can be placed anywhere in the garden and generally don’t need planning permission. They’re especially good for a teenage hangout as they’re near your house without being inside it, and they can be sound insualted too. Perfect if your teen likes to play loud music or is practicing playing in a band with their friends! They’re fitted with heating and electricity so function just like a normal room in  the house- not just a shed or summerhouse. While most of these options can’t be used as a bedroom, they’re ideal as an extra living space or chillout room.

Decor and Furniture

If the room is a basement, loft or garden room which is out the way of the main house- why not ask your teen to decide on the decor? Providing they don’t choose anything too wacky it means they get to customise and personalise it to what they like. You probably won’t want to buy the best, most expensive furniture for teenagers to lounge all over. Check Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree for cheap or free sofas, coffee tables, a desk for homework and other items to furnish the room. Things like bean bags and other casual seating is great for teens and won’t cost much. A fish tank could be a cool decorative item as well as a hobby for those interested.

Add Some Extras

A small pool table, a darts board or foosball table, a chess table, console computer and other extras are what will make the room fun to spend time in. A smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo will allow your teens to listen to whatever music they like when paired up with Spotify or any other music plan. It all depends what kinds of things they’re into and how the space will mainly be used.

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    Foosball table is the way to go for sure. It doesn’t take up much space and can entertain for hours. Just make sure you get one of the better quality tables, the cheap ones fall apart after a while.

    June 16, 2018 at 1:40 pm
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