Conservatory – What Will You Do With Yours?


Some design elements add so much more than just value to your home; the bring space to relax, an area to come to together and eat, space to entertain, something to look at, and a place of calm. One of those places, in particular, is a conservatory. There are a few reasons you should check out something like renaissance conservatories, and start planning all the ways you will use yours.

This one might go without saying, but they add a lot of space. You can use them to extend living rooms and kitchens, or have them as a stand-alone room.

Where once upon a time they were used just to be able to grow and take care of tropic plants, now they are multi-purpose. You can turn it into a luxury dining area, or turn it into a yoga and mindfulness space. You can even fix it up to be your home office. A conservatory slims the distance between you and the great outdoors. Sometimes when you work from home, you would rather sit in the garden and breathe in some fresh air – unfortunately, we don’t all have the ease of a laptop and sitting behind a desktop peering out the window is as good as it gets. Turning a conservatory space allows you to be surrounded by green any time.

It is perfect for pluviophiles.

If you are a fan of entertaining, a conservatory can make the perfect space. If you spend a little on high-quality furniture, add some plants, mood lighting and make it a calm and welcoming space, it is ideal for long evenings with great company.

The perfect playroom? When the weather is less than ideal, it can be great for kids to be still surrounded by their garden without being able to go in there. Fit some soft flooring mats; perhaps you might even like the sound reducing floor, pop in a bookshelf, and their favourite toys and let them enjoy the space. Another great thing about making this the playroom, is that you move the toys out of the living room, and bedrooms.

If you don’t want to give up such a great space to just the kids, then consider using it as a family room. Add in some comfortable seating, a TV, DVD player, board games and make an effort to all spend time doing things together in there at least twice a week.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of a place in the home just for yourself. Not as an office, not as something to be shared with the family, but a space where you can be you.  Reading, relaxing, indulge in your hobbies, learn new skills or just simply ‘be’ for a little while then there is probably nothing as perfect as kicking back on a soft sofa, putting your feet up after a long day and being able to see the stars while still being inside the home.

Aside from all of that, if you do decide to sell your home in the future, home buyers love a conservatory and often it can be a selling point by itself.

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