Sleeping in a Heatwave

When was the last time you got a really good night’s sleep? The temperatures seem to be getting milder, but if the last few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that sleeping in a heatwave is rough. It’s impossible to get comfortable, fans are loud and irritating and leave you open to waking up at 3 am freezing, and there’s nothing worse than waking up in a big pile of sweat or having to wash your hair and pillowcases every day because they’ve got soaked in the night again.

That said, with any luck, the weather will pick up again before summer is over and we’ll all be struggling to sleep again soon. So, let’s take a look at some ways to make sure we can all get a better night’s sleep when it does.

Take a Look at Your Bed

No matter how hot or cold it is, you’re never going to be able to get comfortable if you are trying to sleep on an old lumpy mattress. This is just further highlighted when you’re tossing and turning because you’re hot. So, this might be the perfect time to use some Bensons for beds discount codes to replace your mattress. Remember, you’re meant to change it around every eight years, so if it’s been longer, now’s the time.

Then, there’s your bedding. Flannel sheets, high tog duvets and thick covers are perfect for snuggling up in the winter time. But, at this time of year, you need more options. You’ll want to keep the duvet around for the colder nights, but some soft, high thread count flat sheets and perhaps a light bedspread will be more comfortable most of the time. Try to avoid silky materials which can get very sweaty and sticky.

Freeze It

Putting your bedding in the freezer probably isn’t realistic. But, you could pop your pillowcase and pj’s in a plastic food bag and put them in the freezer for a few minutes before you get into bed. They’ll soon warm up again, but hopefully, it will give you enough time to fall asleep in comfort.

Try a Cold-Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are the most comforting thing around in the winter, or when you’ve got aches and pains. But, they can be equally comforting in the summer. Fill your bottle with iced water. Then, place it next to cooling points on your body while you are in bed. Some of the best areas are your knees, ankles and groin.

Have a Spicy Dinner

Spicy food makes you sweat, and your body temperature lowers as a defence. Eat a few hours before bed though to give your body a chance to digest your food. Going for a late run can also help if you can bear the heat.

Shower Before Bed

Sometimes, it’s not just the heat keeping us awake. Hayfever can also make bedtime less than comfy. Try to keep your bedroom window closed during the day, to prevent pollen from settling on your bed. Then, have a shower before you get into bed. This will cool you down and wash any pollen out of your hair and off your skin. When you get out, moisturise with an after-sun lotion to ease any sunburnt skin.

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