How To Create A Modern Entertaining Space In Your Home

How To Create A Modern Entertaining Space In Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home and picking out a space that you really love, it’s incredibly important to focus on function. More often than not, we all tend to think about the look of a room. We think about how it looks in terms of the decor and different design trends. And while that is a huge part of the design process, it’s really not the only one. So if you’ve ever tried to decorate a space in your home, and found that it just doesn’t feel right, it could be because you’ve not thought about the practicality and the overall function.

This can really come into play in some key areas of the home. The kitchen is one of them and so is the living space. When you really want to make sure that your home is equipped for entertaining, then you have to do this even more so. However, you really have to think about the space as a whole. So if you’re decorating your kitchen, living space, and dining area independently, you could have a problem. So let’s take a look at what you need to do in your downstairs area to ensure that your dream modern entertaining space really comes to life.


  1. Think About The Space You Have


So first of all, you need to think about the space. Because when you want to entertain, the room that you have to do it in, is important. Ideally, you’re going to want as much room as possible. If, right now, you’re working with closed off rooms, you will want to try and be objective and think about the potential.


  1. Hire An Architect


When you’ve thought about what you might like to do, or you at least have an idea, you’ll then want to think about hiring an architect. When you do this, they will be able to design the layout for you. And this is important. Because even if you have ideas, you’re unlikely to know the building specifications to work to, or how to get plans passed. But the professionals will – so leave the design to them!


  1. Consider Adding On


As part of that, you should definitely think about where you want to add on space. If you know that you have room to do this at the rear of the house or even the side, then why not go for it? You know that you need as much space as possible to work with, so looking to extend that you have can often be a good idea.


  1. Convert What You Can


From here, you may also want to convert any unused space. So as well as changing the internal layout, you may find that converting an attached garage into more living space is a better idea for you. This will often help you to get the space you need to entertain in.


  1. Focus On Flow


This something that the architect can often help you with if you want, but if you only want the plans from them, then you need to come up with the layout yourself. And it’s so important to make sure that you have a lot of flow in the space. Remember, you want to be able to entertain, so it’s important to have a really great open feel to the space, and that each element flows nicely to each other. Keep this in mind when you’re designing the entire area.


  1. Start Construction


When you’re happy with the design ideas, then you’ll want to hire a contractor and get the work underway. Just make sure that you’re happy with the builder you choose, and that you’re confident that they can create the look that you want. Don’t always be too tempted by cost here. Because sometimes it’s better to invest in the right person, than to scrimp and end up with poor quality work.


  1. Include The Outside


As part of this, you should also be thinking about how you’re going to bring your entertaining space outside. Sometimes, you may want to go with a conservatory or an orangery, so that you have more internal space that feels like it’s outside. But you do also need to make plans for the outdoor dining space too.


  1. Add More Baths


Also think about the number of bathrooms that you may want downstairs. Depending on the space that you have, it may be handy to have two or more, rather than just one. This can be super handy when you’re thinking about entertaining, as you’ll want to think about occasions and events, not just everyday living.

  1. Choose The Kitchen Carefully


When it comes to picking out your kitchen cabinets, counters, and overall design, you need to choose carefully. It has to work with the entire entertaining space, and be functional too. Think about the open plan kitchen designs that can work for you here. But not only that, the actual equipment that you’re going to need to be able to entertain too.


  1. Choose Your Dining Sets


Next, you’re going to want to pick out the dining sets that you’re going to go with. Here, you could go for as many as three – depending on how much space you’re working with and what the layout really looks like. So, think about the stylish dining rooms that appeal to you the most. Consider what kind of styles that you like, and what dining set ups will work best for you. You may want a nook in the kitchen for everyday eating, then a more formal dining set up in the dining space, but then there’s also outdoor dining furniture to think about too.


  1. Create Comfort


You’ll also want to think about how you’re going to pull the living space together here. Now, as well as entertaining in, this is an area that you will be living in everyday – so it has to be comfortable. Make sure that you’re working with a cozy feel as much as you can. Think about what you need to be able to do in the space to get the right look and feel, but still ensure that you can entertain in the area too.


  1. Decorate & Dress


Then, it’s time to decorate. But don’t just put some paint up and lay flooring here. You really need to make sure that you style the space. So put up picture frames, display candles, find yourself some accessories to style so that your home looks and feels exactly how you want it to.


  1. Finish Off The Patio Space


And finally, you need to make sure that you’re working in your patio design. Because a huge part of entertaining is about the patio area and outside space. So think about the kind of design that you are going to go for here and get the work underway. Then you can style your dining set and furniture and your new entertaining space will be complete.


And when you’ve managed to work through each of the thirteen steps, you should find that your living space just works. Now, you really do have to do everything in order – or everything at all. You can pick and choose which ones you think will help to transform your living area entirely. But when you really want to be able to entertain at home and have a space that is well equipped for that, you should find that this works out perfectly for you.

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