4 Creative Ways to decorate for Christmas

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Christmas decorating can seem complex, with multiple magazines, websites, and brands dedicated to the topic. It can make us feel that to achieve beautiful Christmas decor, we need to spend thousands of pounds and purchase very elaborate items for their home.

But beautiful Christmas decoration can be achieved with inexpensive and minimal items. It’s about making use of the items at your disposal in a creative manner.

If you want to decorate your home for less this Christmas, consider some of the following ideas: 

Baubles and bowls: Christmas baubles are traditionally used on the Christmas tree itself and come in a variety of colors and designs. They are cheap and quickly make an impact. Remember to keep the packaging to store them in as they are also very fragile.

To put a twist on baubles, try out putting them in bowls and arrange bowls at central points in the house. This includes window sills, the center of tables and high surfaces that can be seen easily by others. 

The bowls should preferably be transparent, but different containers can work. For example, large wine glasses or vases can be used instead and work well on dining tables. 

Baubles can be coordinated according to colors and design. Try baubles of similar or striking colors paired together.

Shape theme: Collect together lots of star shaped  decorations on one wall. It looks stunning and so simple. Your could do the same for hearts, or leaves.

Lights: Christmas fairy lights are usually hung around the house from various points. These also work really well inside transparent containers.

For example, try fairly lights in a glass bowl, when you switch them on the lights will then be reflected across the room and give a pretty effect.

Lights can also be hung on non-traditional places such as the hems of table clothes and around chairs. Also, consider wrapping them around standing objects in your home such as lamps, small statues or plants.

Nature: When we think of decorating with nature we often think of beams draped in evergreens and perfect wreaths, but this can be time consuming, messy and hard to pull off. Instead try a bundle of different evergreens tied with red ribbon with some simple decorations tied into the bow. Or collect pine cones and mix with baubles in baskets, or string seed heads and berries up with raffia in garlands across a fireplace, banister or archway.

Hanging Christmas cards: Most people tend to display their Christmas cards upright on surfaces like shelves and tables. 

To create a quick and colourful and super cheap display that also keeps surfaces clear for displays of baubles and lights, hang strings of cards across walls, banisters, beams or archways.

You can also use cards that are given to you over the holidays or recycle favourite cards. Christmas Greeting cards can easily be purchased from retailers such as The Works. Why not go one step further and use The Works Letter to Santa kit to start a trip down memory lane or encourage your kids excitement for the big day? Print off polaroid style old photos of past Christmasses, add Santa themed decorations, cards with pictures of Father Christmas and the letter kit to create a fun display.

Illuminated trees: Choosing between real or artificial trees can be tough, nowadays you can also buy illuminated trees.

An illuminated tree has small coloured fairly lights that give off different lights displays. You can change the display settings on a daily basis and also do not have to do much in the way of decorating or set up. 

There are many creative ways to decorate your home for Christmas. Have fun and don’t be afraid to keep it simple or to trust your personal style.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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