How to Create a Safe Office Space: A helpful guide for a busy boss

How to Create a Safe Office Space

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As the top boss of a working office, you will have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, not to mention a busy schedule. As you try to coordinate a team and hit all of your deadlines, additional considerations such as health and safety can fall away at the sides. Letting something as important as this be neglected is not something you would do on purpose as a responsible leader, but it is a good idea to have certain measures in place so that, even if you are preoccupied with other aspects of your work, you can rest assured that everyone in the office is safe and sound.

To help you put this together, this handy guide is going to give you all of the essential information that you are going to need in order to succeed at this task and run a tight ship so that everyone who works for you is in an environment that they can be proud of.

Health and safety must be active

When people say health and safety, many will think of a boring document that needs to be gone through and updated, but health and safety is actually the active practice of not taking risks and putting precautions in place to protect everyone present. With this in mind, there are two key ways to make your staff proactively avoid getting hurt or damaging things around the office.

Putting the rules into place

To begin with, you need to know how to write the perfect health and safety policy that can be easily understood by every level of employee and be put simply. Begin by taking a look at your current policy and seeing how you can reduce that to one A4 piece of paper that can be stuck around the office to remind workers of what to do.

Getting your staff behind the initiative 

The second task you have you have is to find ideas on how to motivate your employees into being safe at work. This could be done with a health and safety refresher day with some prizes and team building exercises for example. Another idea is to do spot checks and send out reminders to staff once every few weeks about problems that have been noticed.

Clever storage is key

Of course, the office space isn’t the only place at work where health and safety needs to be given some thought. At an office, you will have multiple supply stores and maybe even a warehouse if you are part of a big company.

To ensure that staff do not get hurt by stock falling on them or tripping over things, putting your supplies into stillages is a great way to make sure everything is secured but also to make sure everything is easy to find. 

Keep wires tucked away so that tripping hazards are non-existent, and train employees in what to do if an accident were ever to occur.

Having a well-organised stock room means that your staff don’t have to spend ages rummaging around for the things that they need and increasing the risk of getting hurt. occasionally receives monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for mentioning and/or linking to any products and services from this blog.
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