Happy Work at Home Life – My Desk Story

For a long time I wanted a bureau, ever since I used to play with the one my Gran had as a child. I loved opening the little drawers, peeking in cubby holes and bashing away on her old typewriter.

My hunt for a bureau has never brought up one as beautiful as Ethel’s. But in the end I realised, after months of working at the kitchen table, that a bureau would allow me to shut up shop each day. To draw the line between work and home and stop my work piles drifting into my dinner.

After doing a Frenchic furniture painting course with local tutor Helen at Hestia Home, I decided to go for a cheap and cheerful bureau/glass cabinet off Facebook market place to tide me over. This solved multiple issues – not only could all my stuff be hidden away but we gained more kitchen cupboard space with a new home for posh glasses.

My daughter suggested grey and although I don’t get the modern obsession with grey, it does really suit the carpet and window frames. I also have some dark blue paint and might still try that out. But as a compromise, I painted the inside yellow because I wanted working to feel cheery and happy – yellow instantly boosts my mood in small amounts like this. I love opening the desk and seeing the yellow pop out.

Inside I have a photo from a well-being clinic waiting room – I snapped it when I was waiting for my Chinese medicine – which I can definitely recommend for balancing hormones! And I love this advice, working from home is lonely sometimes and my productivity varies immensely! It’s okay just to breathe some days.

I also have a verse I illustrated as a student, from one of my favourite poems, Desiderata. I think it’s a good reminder about a couple of things bloggers are prone to – comparison, losing their voice in the noise and feeling inadequate!

And tucked away I have a passport photo I found when restoring it, I would love to know who this mystery lady is, I shared her picture over on instagram. I also have a present from Mr A from my Christmas stocking, zen tips for the day!

I have shared another of Ethel’s treasures, the Lloyd Loom chair I asked to keep when she died. The bureau quite rightly went to my Aunt. This chair is good for lazy days when I am up and down doing bits and bobs or making plans. On a full on writing deadline day I would sit at my proper desk chair as it’s better for my back, but it is ugly and really needs replacing or reupholstering – watch this space as I am currently learning upholstery!

The painting above my desk I spotted on holiday in the window of artist Tracy Savage‘s shop in Scarborough. The moon drew me in and I was instantly head over heels hooked. It’s funny, my oldest friend fell for it instantly too, whereas others find it creepy. Mr A bought it for me as a birthday present.

We live bang in the middle of the UK, in the Peak District, far from the coast, but I love to be reminded the sea exists and the juxtaposition with my other favourite, the rolling dales of the White Peak District through the window. Although it’s foggy today and you can’t see them sadly! And the moon and birds ground me wherever I am in the world.

That’s #MyDeskStory, would love to hear more about yours!

If you’re looking to upgrade your office at home or at work Furniture at work specialise in office furniture at great prices. Facebook marketplace is where I got the bureau for £25 and I used Frenchic paint.

For more ideas on how to makeover your home for under £100, check out this guide to revamping your home on a budget from Family Money.

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  • Reply Kyra Rodriguez

    I would also love to work on your desk! I love every detail in your working area!

    April 2, 2019 at 10:18 am
  • Reply Mayumi Sugai

    Your workplace in your home is so cozy. I love the frame arts too!

    May 14, 2019 at 6:32 am
  • Reply john

    Nice set up! I have been thinking of shifting my office to my residence for some months now, this is enough motivation.

    June 10, 2019 at 6:56 am
  • Reply Rafaela Luna

    Your working area is very cozy! Very minimalistic approach, I will definitely dupe this on my bedroom. Thank you for sharing!

    January 17, 2020 at 1:30 am
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