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    Creative Ways To Reinvent Your Home’s Interior

    If you’ve been dying to redecorate your home for years then why wait? You don’t need a fortune to change the design of your home unless you’re planning on tearing the house down and rebuilding it from scratch. You just need a bit of creativity and determination. Most DIY tasks can be learned by watching YouTube tutorials. You have all the necessary knowledge at your disposal. Let’s talk about some creative ways to reinvent your home’s interior. Continue reading

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    Styling our Vintage Caravan

    The joiner who is renovating our vintage static caravan in the garden has now ripped out the interior to re-insulate and clad it, and transformed the layout. He has days where he is singing along happily to the radio and days where he politely texts me in the house, asking for more coffee. I’ll go out to find him scratching his head and pacing the floor, but he always comes back the next day with such renewed enthusiasm and brilliant solutions.

    It rubs off on me and gives me momentum for the interior design which is very much on my mind of late. Yes, we’re getting to the point of furnishing and accessorising ready to list it on Airbnb later this year, alongside our gorgeous barn which is already taking bookings. Continue reading

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    Stylish ways to bring clocks into your home

    In our old house my Dad would joke about our clocks, none of them worked, all had the wrong time and only visitors ever noticed them, and often got thrown by them. So when we moved house I decided to invest in some new clocks and you know what, it is amazing how calming a clock can be!

    No more asking Mr A what time it is, rummaging for my phone or pulling up my sleeve to glance at my watch. A quick glance and all is well.

    Clocks are such an important part of life, but they don’t need to blend into the background. There is something about a clock that commands our attention, so it’s worth thinking about how to style and place them to your advantage. Continue reading

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    How to Create the Perfect Rustic Living Room Design

    How to Create the Perfect Rustic Living Room Design

    Image via T Cud

    Rustic is such an easy look to keep updating as you find new pieces as it steadily grows in character with each new piece you find, it’s definitely been my favourite look over the years, from our first seafront flat to our current, Staffordshire farmhouse.

    If you had enough of the modern, contemporary, and the easy, and would like to show more sophistication in your home, try a rustic transformation of your living room design. Whether you are living in a farm house, a cottage, or a modern house, a rustic theme can reflect so much personality. From upcycling to choosing evergreen shapes and colors, there are several ways you can make a change that will great a truly homely and welcoming impression on all visitors. 

    Here’s how to go about nailing the rustic look. Continue reading

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    Is Your Home Life Killing Your Creativity?

    Is Your Home Life Killing Your Creativity?

    We all have the capability to be creative – it’s not a superpower. But a combination of factors can all add up and result in creative blocks, killing your natural instincts without you realising it, and stopping you from coming up with ideas. One of those factors is your home life, believe it or not. Here are some of the reasons why your current lifestyle at home could be contributing to creative roadblocks. Continue reading

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    Top Ten Sites for Wine Lovers

    Top Ten Sites for Wine Lovers

    Nothing beats drinking a glass of wine at home after a busy day.

    Buying wine online can be confusing at times. Every site is claiming to offer the best deal. Sometimes the concern is not just the cost but also the quality of the wine and smooth shopping experience.

    Continue reading


    Tips for Living the Lean, Green DIY Dream

    Tips for Living The Lean, Green DIY Dream

    In a world where companies are always working hard to keep on top of demand, consumers have a lot of power. If everyone in the world decided to stop using products which are potentially harmful to the environment, businesses would stop stocking them, instead looking for alternatives which they can still sell. Although this isn’t going to happen overnight, we can still make a difference when updating our homes, and hopefully influence others around us to do the same too. Continue reading

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    Bringing back brooch wearing as a trend

    butterfly brooch alexander wedding

    Mr A bought me a brooch as a wedding gift, a tiny silver butterfly which I pinned to the flower on my wedding dress. I absolutely love it, it’s so small yet perfect reminder of our day. Whenever I wear it it takes me back to our wedding day.

    Of all the jewellery I inherited from my Gran, my Grandmother and my Mum I think my favourite pieces are their brooches. They seem to conjure up another era so beautifully and yet they also mix so effortlessly with modern day clothes. My favourites are my Gran’s pewter flowers with turquoise stones for flower heads, Mum’s Romanesque bronze discs with large gemstones in the middle and Grandma’s gold circles laid with a stone. Continue reading


    3 ways to lighten life

    Do you want to live as light as you can? If so, you’re probably into green living and taking a lot of time for self care, as well as letting go of things that could stress you out. And although, most of this effort comes from inside you, but you can make your lifestyle choices evident in the space around you as well.

    Here’s some tips for making sure you’re living as light as possible, breathing easily and happily at home. Continue reading


    5 Ways to Make Your Home More Light & Airy

    Ways to Make Your Home More Light & Airy

    Is your home currently feeling too dark and dingy? It’s a common problem and it’s one that can really get you down. No one wants to spend their days in a dark environment that deprives them of the light and positivity we all need. There are so many different things you can do to make your home more light and airy… Continue reading

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    Gardening Shortcuts When You Are Short of Time and Money

    Gardening Shortcuts When You Are Short of Time and Money

    The idea of having a beautiful garden to retreat to is wonderful, but finding the time and budget to get it the way you want it can be a challenge. Our new garden is large and rambling, nearly two acres, and so I’ve accepted that mine will be a life’s work, and that it is a little legacy I will pass on to the next owner, just as the previous owners passed on so much to us.  

    Instead I’ve committed to to focussing on a bit at a time and enjoying what I do have time for. Sometimes you have to live with a space to know how you want it to be longer term. Finding your own path through is important too, so often visitors have amazing ideas, but you just can’t afford the time and money to do everything people suggest. Continue reading